Brake Pads

OAK keeps the following popular Braking products in stock for easy-ordering. However, we can also special order ANY other Talon products on request, enabling us to give you exactly what you want. Visit the Braking website for their full range.

Products (whether special-order or stock) can be delivered across Southern Africa at a small additional fee, or collected direct from our warehouse in Cape Town. Any items not in stock require 50% deposit on ordering. Please contact us to order.

Braking SM1 Non-Racing Semi Metallic Brake Pads

Entry level semi-metallic compound. Smooth, powerful, quiet and non-grabbing performance. Do not use for racing.

  • semi-metallic
  • Good performance at low temperature
  • Non Grabbing

Available for Front and Rear

Braking CM44 Hard Compound Sintered Brake Pads

CM44 Pads are made of a sintered metal brake compound for large range of conditions (mud or sand, sun or rain). It provides a stable brake performance and low wear rate on the race track as well as off-road. 

  • Good performance in multiple conditions
  • High durability 
  • Relatively soft compound suitable for both dry and wet condition

Available for Front and Rear


CM46 Pads are made of a sintered metal brake compound able to provide a powerful, consistent and fade-free brake performance under extreme racing conditions.

  • High performance in stressed and racing conditions 
  • Maintains constant braking efficiency at low and high temperatures 
  • Highly fade resistant
  • Perfect combination with Batfly disks

Available for Front and Rear