Bringing the Global Choice to Southern Africa

OAK Motorcycle Products gives South African riders access to the products used by top & pro riders across the European and global circuits for MX, Enduro, Super Motard, Road, Adventure and Karting. Our chosen brands have proven themselves time and again in the competitive racing industry thanks to top-quality products using materials of highest strength expertly engineered to suit the needs of the user.

As the sole distributor for Talon, Braking, and Sunstar in South Africa, OAK is your partner in reaching the next level of your competitive career. With many top SA riders of all ages already using our products and achieving excellent results in the competitive circuits, we are incredibly excited for the South African competitive motorcycle industry to reach new heights and compete on-parr with global riders.


Here at OAK we are very excited to announce that we have been awarded / given / the distribution for the Kriega Motor Cycle Luggage System / Range.  This renowned brand is famous for good design and legendary quality.  By way of endorsement We have personally been using this luggage ourselves for many years. We are very honoured to be including this alongside our other high quality brands

Kriega is an industry leading  high-quality Motorcycle Brands, imported from UK and ready to serve the Off Road, Adventure & Road bike dealerships in Southern Africa. Over the past 20 years, Kriega has built an unrivalled reputation for tough, innovative & stylish motorcycle luggage with their range of soft panniers, bike packs, backpacks, and accessories. Although largely focussed on Adventure riders, there are many products in their range ideal for commuters, MX & Enduro riders, and everyone in between.

Kriega was born in 2000 when product designers and motorcycle enthusiasts, Dom Longman and Michael Cottam, who were working in the outdoor industry at the time, became frustrated by the lack of high quality, well designed luggage for motorcycle riders and decided they should use their combined expertise and fill a gap in the market they believed existed.

The goal from day one was to build a reputation for creating the highest quality and best designed products on the market, offering unrivalled standards of functionality and craftsmanship. It was a very conscious decision from the start to be a non-fashion brand that focused on producing function driven design that was not compromised or constrained by creating products to a pre-determined price. Their unwavering belief that anything designed with passion and attention to detail will work has ensured Kriega are now at the very top of the motorcycle market in terms of brand perception and user satisfaction.

Regardless of the success so far the team at Kriega still have a passion for creating the very best possible luggage options for motorcyclists and truly believe that good design matters!


Sunstar is the largest supplier of motorcycle sprockets for OEM and aftermarket - manufacturing sprockets for the major motorcycle builders in Japan, Europe and USA since 1946. With a full drive system product line that includes high quality chains, standard steel front and rear sprockets, Sunstar is able to satisfy each and eery customer's needs for drive system components. With oer 100 million sprockets manufactured, Sunstar is the quality standard for motorcycle builders worldwide.

Sunstar prides itself on providing the highest quality, best performing products possible, focussing on durability, yet maintaining an affordable price.


Braking is passion and innovation. Our passion for bikes and high performance has lead us on a path of innovation. Leading the revolution of the Wave concept enabled us to develop the lightest racing disks. We keep developing new technologies both in the field of materials and in the field of structure-geometry, resulting in concepts like the Batfly series and the Epta disks. At Braking, our philosophy is based on the continuous research in the field of friction and heat dissipation.

With a track record of 123 Motorcycle world championships, Braking's technology makes dreams accessible without compromising quality and longevity. In a world where the hundreth of a second makes all the difference, Braking is your partner to go beyond the limits, achieving new records.

Talon Engineering

Pros the world over put their trust in Talon products. With 40 years' experience in designing the very best products for athletes that push themselves and their machines to their limit, they are in safe hands.

All Talon products are tested under the extreme conditions world class racing throws at them. Every product is designed, manufactured and tested by our own engineers and riders before they are released for sale. Manufacturing is done in our own factory in England so that we can oversee every step each product takes.

Over the years, Talon Engineering has grown from humble beginnings in a small, shared factory, into the global market leader it is today.

A time served toolmaker with experience in helicopter manufacturing, George Sartin started the company in 1972. Having begun an interest in motorbikes watching Grass Track racing as a young boy, George was to become great friends with the Grass Track 'legend' Lew Coffin. Following a period as a mechanic for Coffin, George was asked to make hubs for his bikes, and the rest is history...

After increasing success manufacturing Grass Track and Speedway hubs, the company rapidly expanded hub production to include the motocross market. As well as their renowned hubs and wheels, Talon is also well known in the industry for their sprockets, now covering an enormous range, including road bikes. Alongside their 'home' productd products, Talon is the UK importers of the highly regarded Braking products from Italy and Excel rims from Japan. They are also a distributor of RK Chains.

2006 witnessed the start of a new era. After nearly 35 years at the helm, George decided to take a back seat and handed over the reins to his son, Rob. Talon's new Managing Director has been with the company for over 20 years himself and has heavily influenced the company's progression. Rob, a time served engineer himself, brings with him a wealth of experience. His highly successful riding career, competing at World championship level in both trials and Enduro, earned him 2 British Junior Trials crowns and a brace of British Enduro Titles.

After over 40 years in the business, Talon eports to 35 Countries, with distributors in Europe, the United States, Japan, Southern Africa, and Australia. In excess of 70% of the company's business is now in the export market.

Talon Engineering has evolved into a thriving success story, now operating from a 40,000 sq foot state of the art workshop, over 20 new CNC machines, and over 50 full time staff. Rapid prototype machines, Solidworks 3D design, Cad/Cam design and programming, and our own toolmaking facility all go towards making the best products in the world. This quality is highlighted by the fact that there have been in excess of 100 world champions riding with the help of Talon parts.


The OAK Warriors

We are passionate about helping South African riders achieve their goals, that’s why we are sponsoring a number of talented riders to help them on their journey to greatness. Anthony Raynard, Seth van den Abeele, Max Ledgerwood and Altus de Wet have been selected as our Warriors, joining the global Talon Army. Check out the OAK Warriors page for more information about them and their achievements.